"I grow up in a family with a very rich musical ambiance. My parents are amateur musicians and loves music, so since i was about four they took me to music lessons. I remember myself watching the Disney films with my small brothers and how the music of this films changed my life forever. I wanted to be a composer like the ones who wrote this scores, Alan Menken, Randy Newman... I fell in love with how deeply can the music change the colour and the mood of a scene, the drama you´re seen in the screen or in the stage of a theatre. How you can change something dramatic in something really hilarious, or a comedy into an epic drama, how music can infect your senses and make you dance, cry, sing, laught or make you remember a story for the rest of your life. So, i asked myself:


- Pablo, what´s the better way to spend your live? 

- Obvious! writing, arranging, orchestrating and conducting music with a purpose beyond the music itself, music that helps tell stories.

Of course not everything in my life is music, I also share my life with my girl, Rocío, journalist, an authentic inspiration when composing and companion of adventures and my parents and friends.


Some of my hobbies are motorcycles, animals, traveling and nature. I love to ride my bike, an italian beauty called "Roxy", and escape of work and city to relax, thinking only about the nature that surrounds me and the feeling of the wind pushing me back."


Pablo´s original score to the silent short film "Fuera de Campo" (Out of Field) has won the Best Score award in the American Tracks Music Awards.

"The Door"  has won several awards in the Los Angeles Independent Shorts Awards including honorable mention for Best Original Score. Congrats to all the team!!

"La Primavera Rosa en México", with original score composed by Pablo, has been nominated in the "Best Documentary Short" category in the 32th edition of the Spanish Cinema Academy Awards (Goya Awards).

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